Charismatic Prayer Ministry

Meet to praise and listen to God. Praise is expressed in a number of ways: songs, formal or spontaneous prayer, and silent reflection. God may speak to those gathered through scripture, teaching, charismatic gifts, etc.

Contact: Vicky Munger, (303) 699.8927

Cor Jesu (Heart of Jesus)

Pray from your home for parishioner needs by participating in our email prayer chain.

Contact: Mathew Aschenberg, (303)906-6224

Legion of Mary

Join a dedicated group of parishioners who gather together to pray and do corporal acts of mercy.

Contact: Mary K. Schwartz, (720) 767.6274

Perpetual  Eucharistic Adoration

Spend sacred and silent time in the real and solemn presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Adoration takes place in the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel of the parish. Interested individuals, families, or groups are encouraged to sign up for one or more hour time slot commitments for adoration, as well as various roles within the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration administration team.

Contact: Helene Biller, (720) 353.8819