Father's Challenge Weekend

Father’s Challenge Weekend Participate or help facilitate our life-changing weekend retreats for fathers.

Contact: Joseph Gomez, (303) 549.4739 zemogrj@comcast.net

Knights of Columbus 

These men are focused on developing spiritual friendships, supporting our clergy, serving the parish and participating in community outreach programs.


Bill Onacki, (602) 418.2686 | bill.onacki@ergon.com

Terry Anderson, (303) 335.7929 | ololknights@outlook.com


Men of Faith

This parish men’s group is focused on the role of men in their families, and their Church by helping men develop a masculine spirituality.

Contacts: David Desmond, (805) 259.7917  | desmond_david@yahoo.com

Tom Wanzeck, (303) 378.6376  | tomwanz@aol.com