A quick note about terminology . . .

We use the term “infant” for baptism when it is for a child who is under 7 years old. Once a child turns 7, they enter what’s called the “age of reason” and the process changes. So, anyone under 7 years old is considered an “infant” when speaking about sacraments.

If you need to schedule a baptism for a child who is 7-17 years of age, please click here and scroll down to “RCIC and RCIT.”

Baptism Scheduling

Preparing for your child’s baptism takes about a month to allow time to gather paperwork and attend a baptism preparation class. To begin scheduling your child’s baptism, please contact Christina Deeb at 303.414.2250 at least a month prior to your desired date of baptism. We do require that you have a phone conversation with Christina before beginning any of the paperwork as everyone’s situation is a little different.

Baptisms are typically scheduled on Sundays after the 11:00am Mass (so beginning around 12:15-12:20pm). On occasion, if needed, we can schedule outside of our regular time. Availability of dates and times will be determined by facility and celebrant availability. Please call Christina Deeb for more information.

Thank you for allowing us to baptize your child! We look forward to serving you and your family!

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