As a parish that embraces the charism of stewardship, Our Lady of Loreto operates within a balanced budget and relies primarily on our Offertory donations to cover our church operating expenses.  We ask every family in the parish to tithe a portion of their income to the parish, knowing that it is used to bring people to Jesus, nurture growth in our faith and inspire service to others.

Donations for these and other parish funds can be made a number of ways.  By registering with the parish, you can receive weekly envelopes to drop your giving in the offertory collection baskets or mail to the parish office.   When completing a “Building an Inheritance of Hope” (BIH) pledge card, you are given the option to donate to this campaign weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or with a one-time payment.  These payments can also be dropped in the Sunday collection basket or mailed directly to the parish office, along with offertory, school donations or any other funds to which you would like to contribute.

For your convenience, security and budgeting ease and to keep processing, printing and mailing costs to the parish at a minimum, we recommend giving electronically by either a credit card or draw on your checking account.  To begin this option, simply follow the steps below.

You may also want to consider naming Our Lady of Loreto as one of your beneficiaries in your will.  This is a wonderful way to pay your last tribute to your faith and the life of the parish.  Please contact our Business Administrator, Rhonda Morroni, at 303-414-2251 or to discuss this opportunity.


After signing up with Faith Direct, for previous on-line givers, click the above yellow button to access Vanco – our former on-line processor, to delete your donation/s.