Our goal is to offer our parishioners the best possible programs we can for their children. But we can’t do it alone! Are you looking for a way to develop and use your God-given talents and gifts? Contact Joan Deeb at 303.414.2274 or jdeeb@ourladyofloreto.org for information on how you might be able to use your gifts to help the Children’s Ministry program. You are also welcome to see the descriptions of some of our volunteer needs below!


1st Tuesday Crafters

This group cuts paper and string, counts beads and assists with the preparations for crafts for the Religious Education office.

Contact: Joan Deeb, (303) 414.2274 jdeeb@ourladyofloreto.org


Religious Ed Teachers & Aides

Religious Education Teachers and Aides needed for K, 1st and 3rd-6th grades for Religious Education and 2nd grade sacramental preparation. Looking for fun faithful Catholic men and women to teach what the Church teaches using the Catechism and other Catholic resources. Must be Safe Environment trained. Training provided.

Contact: Joan Deeb, (303) 414.2274 jdeeb@ourladyofloreto.org


Parent Hour Facilitators

This Parent Hour is a once a month opportunity for parents to engage other parents in conversation about their faith. We watch a DVD series followed by a small group discussion during Religious Ed.

Contact: Joan Deeb, (303) 414.2274  jdeeb@ourladyofloreto.org


Religious Education Office Support

Assist with data entry, phone calls, and coordinating religious education projects.

Contact: Joan Deeb, (303) 414.2274 jdeeb@ourladyofloreto.org


Seasonal Program Helpers

We need a lot of help with our various seasonal programs such as preparing meals for the Totus Tuus (Totally Yours) team, helping to coordinate the Christmas Pageant, being extra hands and eyes during our summer programs, etc. All volunteers must be Safe Environment trained.

Contact: Joan Deeb, (303) 414.2274 jdeeb@ourladyofloreto.org