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Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Parish
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Fr. David Bluejacket


Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Parish

Dear Parish Family Members:
                Prior to his transfer to Notre Dame parish, Fr. Ed commissioned the painting of an icon honoring the Divine Mercy devotion in anticipation of naming our parish Adoration Chapel the “Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel.”   This is one way he wanted to commemorate this Year of Mercy.  The icon, painted by artist Dick Tobin and given to the parish by a generous anonymous donor, was blessed at all the Masses over the weekend of September 17/18.  The icon now hangs in the archway above the interior doorway that the chapel shares with the church.  Also, there is a sign proclaiming the name of the chapel in the entranceway off the south parking lot.
                Dick Tobin gave 150 hours to the painting of this version of Divine Mercy.  In his own words, he describes the symbolism within the icon itself:   “The focal point of the Icon is the right eye of Jesus as you face the painting. This represents the gaze of mercy with the rest merely framing this window to a spiritual encounter of peace, gentleness, strength, and all knowing.  The story of Divine Mercy as envisioned by St. Faustina is summarized in the lower right corner with the prayer, “Jesus, I trust in you”. This prayer will echo from present through yet unborn souls perhaps for centuries.  The left hand lightly touches the Sacred Heart from which Grace in red and white flow with the blessings brought to us through the sacrifice of the Cross.  The right hand raised in blessing extends the light of grace. The sleeve on this arm is in the shape of Saint Faustina’s habit. This displays her role in bringing the Divine Mercy devotion to the world. This was an unintentional act in the completion of the painting. Once I saw it I just refined it.  The image of the Cross is shadowed within the earth toned background of darker shades. The robe is white but comes out of darkness as seen by Saint Faustina.  The halo contains the ancient Greek letters that mean,” He Who Is”.  The face and hands are pulled towards the Icon style but softened with features for children to relate to.”
                To Fr. Ed, I join the parish in thanking you for your desire and vision to promote devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus.  My hope is that many people will come to know the tender love and rich mercy of our Lord.  To Dick Tobin, I join the parish in praising you for your exquisite work which now adorns our church.  My hope is that the majesty of your work will teach people the story of divine mercy found in Jesus.   To the donor, I join the parish in thanking you for your generosity in providing this spiritual work of art.  I know you intended to use the icon and the chapel name to draw people to Eucharistic adoration.  My hope is that more people will be inspired to pray in the chapel, where they will rest in the presence of divine mercy itself.  
                To all of you, I invite and encourage you to spend time in regular prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel.  There, you will be fortified in this conviction and hope, “Jesus I trust in you.”
Have a great week,
Fr. David

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