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July 27, 2014

You Are Invited to a Live Town Hall Meeting.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

          I love summer—the long days, outdoor concerts and other activities, vacations, a bit more relaxed work schedule. What I don’t like about summer, though, is how fast it goes by. For example, in parish life we just concluded the last of our 2013-14 ministries: Totus Tuus. But already we’re ramping up for the first of the new year: the ministry and service faire. And lest our school children need reminding, the first day of the new school year, August 25, is less than a month away.
          The other day I had one of the more significant encounters of my years as pastor. I am always looking for new ways and opportunities to preach the gospel and advance the teachings of the church. While the internet’s social media offers some possibility in this regard, honestly I find most social media lacking the personalism that is at the heart of Jesus’ gospel, on one hand, and veiled in a certain phoniness that claims to be social community but is really nothing more than digital commerce, on the other hand. But at this meeting, Steve Patterson, the CEO of Broadnet®, introduced me to and invited me to engage a social medium which offers a real measure of the one-on-one personalism that is at the heart of the gospel while at the same time connecting us who are disciples of the Lord and members of the Our Lady of Loreto Parish. And I want to invite you to join in.
          The technology is called TeleForum™. “In the midst of a digital revolution where the keyboard seems to be the primary interface in communication,” the Broadnet® web site offers, “there is still no substitute for the emotional connection a human voice offers. Enter TeleForum™ technology. It’s a powerful communications tool that allows you to talk one-on-one with the people that matter to you the most.” (You can check it out for yourself at
          Here’s how it works. At the scheduled time I make a live telephone call to every single parishioner in the parish. Receiving the call you will be invited to participate in a live discussion with your fellow parishioners and with me. After my brief introductory remarks welcoming everyone to that evening’s TeleForum™, you will have the opportunity to converse with me and your fellow Christians, to listen to the ideas and thoughts of your fellow parishioners, to ask me anything you want. In short, in the comfort of your family room or around your kitchen table we will have a live parish town hall meeting. We’ll talk and we’ll pray. You’ll speak and I’ll listen. You’ll question and I’ll answer.  
          This week I will be meeting with Broadnet® to work out the details of our first TeleForum™. I am planning to conduct one even next month. Next week I’ll let you know what day and time I will be calling.  

                                                                                          Fr Ed

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