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April 13, 2014

​Moved to Love and Mercy

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

          St. John Crysostom wrote, “It is not only men who raise this cry filled with holy awe, but the angels prostrate themselves before the Lord, the archangels pray to Him. Just as men cut palm branches and wave them before their kings to move them to think of love and mercy, so at this moment, the angels present the very Body of their Lord as if it were a palm branch and they pray to Him for all humanity” (Adv. Anom, 3).
          I am announcing today that I have hired a new business administrator for the parish: Jeanne Norville. A Denver native, Jeanne attended St. Catherine of Siena Grade School, Holy Family High School, Regis College, and the University of Nevada/Las Vegas, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business.  Her job positions have included business analyst for GES Exposition Services; supervisor and audit senior for Clifton Larson Allen, and chief accountant (2002-2009) for the City of Greenwood Village.  
          Jeanne is married, a mother of two, and a grandmother of six.  She currently lives in Parker.  She will assume her responsibilities with us on April 21.  
          At the same time, I again thank Jim Mogen, our current business administrator who is retiring from full time ministry, for his gracious and competent service to the parish these past two years.  Jim will be assuming a part-time contractual position with the parish overseeing the financial affairs of the school ministry.  
           A blessed Palm Sunday to all.  

                                                                                                          Fr  Ed

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