Baptisms (Newly-born Infants to 6 Years Old)

It is our joy and honor to baptize your child! For basic information and to begin the process, please click here and print the baptism packet. The preparation process is very simple. We require attendance at a single baptism preparation class for parents and godparents, and the completion of all paperwork at least two weeks prior to the baptism. Baptisms are generally scheduled after the 11:00am Mass on Sunday.

Contact: Christina Deeb, (303) 414.2250

Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion
*For Adults

For adults, baptized or unbaptized who would either like to become Catholic or who need to receive the sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion.

Contact: Shirley McDermott, (303) 414.2255

If you are not currently baptized Catholic and would like to learn more about the process to become Catholic, please click here.

Baptism, Confirmation & Holy Communion
*For Children and Teens

Please visit the Children’s Ministry page (under RCIC and RCIT) for more information!

Contact: Joan Deeb, (303) 414.2274

Contact: Beth Thielk, (303) 414.2252

Holy Matrimony or Marriage Convalidation