Cantati Loreti

Serves weekly at the 9am Mass, Holy Days and other special liturgies from September through Corpus Christi. Rehearsals: Thursday evenings at 7pm.

Contact: Tim Rohl, (303) 414.2254

Sunday 5pm Choir and Ensemble

Serves at the Sunday 5pm Mass weekly. Rehearsals: Sunday afternoons at 4pm .

Contact: Rene Jenkins, (303) 690.2244


Play a musical instrument and offer your gifts to God and the parish.

Contact: Tim Rohl, (303) 414.2254

Psalmist/ Cantor

Aid the congregation in sung prayer during liturgies in which choirs do not participate. Cantors are to be adults (9th grade and up), possessing a good voice, confidence, poise, and must successfully complete an audition with the Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and Music.

Contact: Tim Rohl, (303) 414.2254