Altar Servers

Serve at the altar and assist the priest and deacon. Age requirement: 5th grade and older. Formation/training: semi-annually.

Contact: Mark Lancaster, (720) 338.0096

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Be commissioned to assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. Age requirement: at least 18 yrs. old and confirmed. Formation/training: annually (returning EMHCs), semi-annually (new EMHCs).

Contact: Skip Munger, (303) 699.8927


Welcome those who arrive for liturgy, assist with seating during Mass as needed, and assist with making the church building a welcoming environment for all. Formation/training: annually (returning Greeters/Ushers), semi-annually (new Greeters/Ushers).

Contact: Tim Rohl, (303) 414.2254


Proclaim the Sacred Scriptures at Mass. Age requirement: at least entering/in High School and confirmed. Formation/ training: annually (returning Lectors), semi-annually (new Lectors).

Contact: Beth Parks, (303) 482.5296


Assist with the overall preparation of liturgical celebrations. Age requirement: must be confirmed and at least in High School. Formation/training: annually.

Contact: Tim Rohl, (303) 414.2254

Liturgical Environment

Prepare art and environment for the liturgical seasons and special liturgies throughout the Liturgical Year.

Contact: Tim Rohl, (303) 414.2254

Clean and fill the various holy water vessels and holders around the church.

Contact: Mark Dilger, (303) 400-1015

Holy Water Ministry

Care of Sacred Vessels

Clean and care for the sacred vessels used during the celebration of the Mass. Individuals are scheduled once a month.

Contact: Lois Cortesy, (303) 693.7860

Care of Purificators and Altar Linens

Individuals are scheduled once a month to clean and care for the purificators and altar linens used during the celebration of the Mass.

Contact: Emmy Petterson, (720) 638.3908

When a death occurs and you need support and guidance in scheduling funeral services and planning the funeral rites.

Contact: Tim Rohl, (303) 414.2254

Click here to visit our funeral planning page.

Funeral Ministry

Liturgy Office Volunteers

Assist with data entry, scheduling, copying, folding, and other projects in the liturgy office.

Contact: Tim Rohl, (303) 414.2254